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Let our team bring back the fresh clean feel of your carpet. We use steam that gets to the base of the carpet where all the dust, dirt, stains, germs, and bacteria linger to. We recommend our service twice a year for excellent results all the time.


All of the oil residue, build-up grease, nasty smells, and leftover food a dirty oven has, need to be removed professionally from times to times. When clean, an oven not only performs better but the lifespan is longer. So invest in a quality deep clean so you won’t need to buy a new one.


It’s always stressful when you are leaving your rental accommodation and you need to plan an End of Tenancy cleaning. Let us do all the work – we will cover all rooms and areas. Our technicians that have years of experience behind them will bring their own equipment and detergents and will leave your property deep cleaned and spotless.


Did you have a renovation done at your property soon? Did the builders leave a huge mess behind them? This is always a big problem but thankfully for you, we are always available to help you. We offer you a deep cleaned spotless dust-free property with no rubbish, debris, dirt, dust or leftover paint. Our team will come equipped and prepared.


We are Revolutionary Cleaners Wood Green. What can we offer you? Affordable prices, friendly fully trained and capable staff and excellent services.
We are in the cleaning industry for so many years now so we have found the right equipment and detergents that work best. We have also found the balance between quality performed cleaning and affordable fair prices.
Our cleaners are fully trained, licensed and insured. They constantly undergo through excessive training and learn the newest cleaning techniques.

So are you in a need of a professional deep clean?

We are here to offer you our variety of services.

  • Carpet Cleaning Services
  • Oven Cleaning Services
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning Services
  • After Builders Cleaning Services

Additionally we offer:

  1. Sofa Cleaning Services – Just like carpets, sofas need regular maintenance. Our service is done on site which reduces the process and it’s more comfortable for us and our clients’. We will remove all the dust, dirt, stains, nasty odors and will bring back the fresh feel and look of your sofa.
  2. Curtains Cleaning Services – Did you try cleaning your curtains by yourself? The results are not that great, right? If you want to avoid discoloration, creasing and possibly washing powder stains but you still want to enjoy clean fresh curtains – let us do it for you. We guarantee there will be no risk of damaging or shrinkage.
  3. Regular Domestic Cleaning Services – Do you love it when your home is clean and fresh? Is it too time-consuming for you? Would you rather spend your free time doing the things you love? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just come on a daily basis and clean instead of you? Well, it would be nice – and it is nice. Reach out to us and we will clean your entire property – or we can focus on specific areas, whatever you want.


Our quality performed services are backed up by affordable prices

Yes, it’s quite possible. We have found the balance between quality and fair pricing. After all, our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority. Don’t believe us?

Carpet Cleaning Prices – Our Carpet Cleaning Prices start as low as £ 26 for a small bedroom. Our through lounge is £46. We will clean the carpet in your hallway for £ 12. If you have flight stairs – £28. A large rug is £26 and a small one is only £16.

OVEN CLEANING PRICES – A small oven cleaning is just £49. For the best results add Extractor (£14) and a Hob (£16) and it will cost you only £79. A double oven cleaning is £69.
The minimum price for our service is £49.

END OF TENANCY CLEANING PRICES – The prices for this service are based on the size of the property and can vary. Some examples are: the lowest price is £99 (for a studio flat). One bedroom property is £133 and a two bedroom property is £169. What about the bigger ones? A three bedroom propery is £219 and a four bedroom one is £255.

SOFA CLEANING PRICES – Usually, our sofa cleaning services are £ 16 by seat. If you have a two-seat microfibre sofa it’s £38. For a three-seat suede sofa – £70 and for a three seat microfibre sofa – £57.

CURTAINS CLEANING PRICES – A half length pair of curtains are £23. A full length ones are £29.

AFTER BUILDERS CLEANING PRICES – A Domestic After Builders cleaning is 18£ per cleaner per hour. Detergents and equipment is provided at extra charge.

A Commercial After Builders cleaning is 19£ per cleaner per hour. Detergents and equipment is provided at extra charge.

REGULAR DOMESTIC CLEANING PRICES – If you need only 2 hours a week our service is £12.50 per cleaner. If you need 3 to 5 hours a week – £11.00 per cleaner. For 6+ hours a week it’s only £10.50 per cleaner.


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